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So it was out of this dark hole sinking in the mud of my own depressing thoughts that I realised my own powerlessness to help myself or anyone else.

I cried out to the Lord Jesus - “If You are there, help me. My life is worthless

in my own eyes but if You want me You can have me. I am willing to do whatever You ask”

The Lord heard my cry and filled my heart with joy. My doubts vanished and had a faith that has kept me this last 30 years. It simply was the best thing that ever happened to me. This is the most precious reality. There is no greater.

If I could give anything that would take away the despair that is so widespread in Ireland today, it would be faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

May His name be honoured and respected by all."




"At eighteen I had an emotional parting with my family and went to Thurles to study for the missionary priesthood.

I did everything as I was supposed to but I felt an emptiness inside that could not be satisfied.

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