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Oasis Christian Fellowship began back in the 1980's when a couple of friends decided to start a house Church in their home in Roscrea.


Gradually as more people attended, the house Church changed to various locations around the town.

Elim were then invited to help run the Church and ever since Elim have sent pastors to Roscrea.


For the past few years we have rented premises in the town including a former pub in Limerick Street, then at the Abbey Hall where we met for 2 years and also rented the use of Shinrone Methodist Church for about a year.


We have now renovated our own building called the Oasis Christian Centre in Gaol Road, Roscrea where we currently meet.

We are therefore very grateful to the Lord for preserving our fellowship in Roscrea throughout the years and we are greatly encouraged to constantly see new people coming to fellowship with us.


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