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I asked Him to help me love people. When I started to obey Him and honestly committed to changing my ways, He gave me the power to change and forgive. It was like having a new heart put inside me. I started to

paint little pictures for people and write an encouraging verse from the

Bible on the front. I said to God...if You can use my hands and words to do some good You can have them.

Now I love encouraging people and I have hundreds of friends. The artwork has taken on a new dimension and God has given me ideas and brought talented people into my life to teach me. He has been a faithful friend

since in good times and bad.

If you would like me to send you a Bible or pray or chat, call me on 086 1209984 or email [email protected]."



"At the age of 14, as a depressed lonely person, I turned to God. At the time I had no friends at all. I did not like myself and neither did anyone else. I met some other kids my age who talked about  Jesus changing you from the inside out.

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