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Then one day while switching through the tv channels, I heard a preacher saying that we are all separated from God because of sin and that the only way to be forgiven was to personally receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. I didn’t realize I could actually know God personally. I began to read the Bible for the first time to check this out and was amazed to find that this really is what God tells us in the Bible.


I turned the tv off, got on my knees and told the Lord Jesus that I was placing all of my faith and trust in Him and I would live for Him with all of my heart.

There was no lightning bolts or anything but over the next few days and weeks (and ever since) I have a peace and joy in my heart that comes from knowing I am now a forgiven child of God...HalleluYah!"





"All my life, I had gone to Church week in and week out and even as a child I remember believing in Jesus Christ but He seemed to be distant somehow.

In my teens and early twenties however, I began to question my faith.

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